Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Masao Yamamoto at Yancey Richardson

A departure from the usual installation of various sized images, the majority of the photos here in the latest Masao Yamamoto show are standard size and hung traditionally. The New Yorker review argues that the images hold thier own and I suppose they would for someone whose expectations for Yamamoto aren't as high as mine. The images are unquestionably gorgeous, but this is not the breathtaking sense of unmooring and possibility that I get seeing these images printed in sizes ranging from postage stamp to letter size, and scattered all over the wall in careful positions that reinforce the poetic relationships.
Fussiness and preciousness wins over innovation here. Instead of revelation I felt fustration looking for the magic in these lovely prints that somehow revealed not enough and too much all at once. Above is one of my favorite images from the show.
Photograph courtesy Yancey Richardson Gallery.

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