Friday, April 10, 2009

Worked on a shot involving a pillow and a feather on Saturday.
These longer days of early spring are so much more forgiving- there are so many more hours during which I can get good natural light for shooting. This saturday I had time for a class and a review and by afternoon there was still enough light to shoot. Since the ICP kindly gives a one year membership to folks who review student portfolios for them- this weekend I took advantage of it with a free class on lighting and a portfolio review.
The photo shown here is another Polaroid test of something I've been working on- trying to figure out how to exploit the potential of balloons. I've used them as tools before- hanging objects from helium balloons into photos, etc. It seems that showing a single balloon tends to be too melancholic. I haven't yet been able to hit just the right note.

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