Friday, May 8, 2009

More Melanie Bonajo

Above are three more images by Melanie Bonajo from her "Furniture Bondage" series. These remind me of a lot of work I've seen before, most notably Peter Fischli & David Weiss's early works, and Janine Antonini and other 1970's feminist artists, yet it feels completely fresh. When Bonajo talked about this work she spoke about the complicated feelings about owning stuff, feeling connected to, yet exasperated by it. She says she has dreams of burning all her things. The work here functions well on several levels. It is whimsical, amusing, and funny. Simultaneously it is dark and difficult- we are trapped, hopelessly caught up with the detritus of our making. We can't decide, are we in love with this stuff or do we hate it? Is it sexy, or repulsive?
Titles, top to bottom:
Lily 2008, 47x53"
Sara, 2007, 47x55"
Katja, 2007, 60x43"

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