Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Shoe final

After reshooting this three times, I finally got the shot, with the help of friend and heroine Carolyn Drake. It wasn't easy to shoot this myself, while laying under the table with my feet in the air. I tried using others as models, but no one else fit the shoes or could get their legs in quite this position. All those pilates workouts paid off unexpectedly here. In the end, after lots of fussing and repositioning, Carolyn took the photo for me. I'm happy with it, and look forward to printing it big soon.
I bought those shoes while having an overheated fling this spring and summer. In this photo the shoes themselves of took on a comedic role as an embodiment of desire. Lust had turned me upside down, and perhaps now, the silly shoes were in charge..


  1. that is a great shot....and there is that gallon of milk...huh? appreciated the back story as well...thank ya for sharing!


  2. saw this on the Hey Hot Shot blog! it's great. and the shoes really are hilarious. love the milk too...and the image with the frozen gallon. thanks for sharing the background info

  3. Thanks for the feedback, I was afraid I had over-shared.