Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Cleaning up my studio the other weekend I found a slew of old polaroid test shots. This one is practically ancient- I made it when I was 18 or 19 years old, and working towards my BFA at the San Francisco Art Institute. This image shows me that I have been looking at some of the same ideas and concepts for a long time. Expressions of weight and lightness still captivate me. Also in this photo is the notion of traces, things left behind. And also perhaps entrapment..
Will I ever tire of these themes? Am I really getting better at expressing these concepts, or is my execution simply more refined? Maybe less refinement is better.. I do like the rawness of these early images.


  1. Is this some kind of polaroid film? I'm in LOVE with the edges of this image! I find the shoes full of feathers quite intriguing as well! :)

  2. Thanks Gary,
    This is old 4x5 black and white film test film that was never really taken care of, and maybe not even processed properly.. probably is Polaroid.

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  4. you know what's crazy? i REMEMBER THIS PHOTO!!!