Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Barfing Salt, again

I worked on this barfing salt shot again this weekend. It was hard to see what I was doing. However, now that I have the contacts in hand, I see that I need to shoot this with a flash, or more light for a faster shutter speed. The only thing really moving in the shot should be the salt. The figure is too soft..

I'm hope all the blog format changing has not been disorienting for readers of this blog. I reverted back to the simple Blogger template as the new "dynamic" templates from Blogger do not allow any kind of homepage information, and I need my disclaimer and note about what the blog is.. One result of trying the new templates was that it encouraged me to post more widely on other topics.. and I think I will keep doing that.

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  1. I also couldn't see on the dynamic template how to leave a comment--not that my comment matters much, but as a fellow blogger it's good to know someone's out there every now and then.