Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Finally! I got my new RB67 in the mail from KEH. I am delighted with it- it is in great condition and the lens is very sharp. The shutter also has a very decisive sound that I love, not like the clomping kind of sound my old one was making. I have never ordered such an major bit of camera equipment online before, but I am happy to say it went well. This weekend I found some time to shoot, and while Ollie and J were playing downstairs I set up in the bathroom and messed around with velvet and talcum powder. Results to be posted soon.
The image posted here is a double exposure of an enamel pot. I've had a long standing love affair going with this pot, and I have shot it many times over the years in different ways. I think I finally got what I was after here in this photo. It looks better in real life, in its form as a big color print. The white specks inside it were one thing about it I loved, the other is the utilitarian shape and the suggestion of containment or measure. Titled "Little Dipper".

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