Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Caleb Charland

These are two images produced for Discover magazine by Caleb Charland, a lavishly talented young photographer. After finding Charland's work online at the Michael Mazzeo gallery about a year ago, I've been looking for an opportunity to work with him. It finally arrived with the recent Discover special issue Extreme Physics (on newsstands now for two months). These images were two of three that we ran with an article about the big unanswered questions of physics.
This was a high point for me in my work as a Photo Editor. Too often physics articles are illustrated by tiresome looking digital images that ultimately explain little. Using images of objects in the visible, physical world to explain physics concepts was something I suggested many times- and finally got my chance here. Hope you like them as much as I do.
These images are made on film, in real time. The atom/drill image is made using multiple exposures.


  1. I met him at review santa few and really loved it work

  2. Hi Rebecca!

    I just came across your post, and needless to say, we are fans too.
    I recently launched a project to make art more accessible and more affordable to more people - and we are proud to have Caleb be a part of this movement. You can check out his work here:

    Is the Discovery issue available in Canada and internationally? I will send a note to all of his collectors and go buy a copy myself this afternoon. I'll also tweet out about it!

    Thanks for the inspiration - and thank you for what you do.
    You might also want to check out the festival we are launching for emerging photographers in Canada the UK and the US (Flash Forward Festival). There's a link to it from EYE BUY ART.

    All the BEST!