Friday, January 15, 2010

Cindy Sherman Redux at Yancy Richardson

The opening of Alex Prager's show at Yancy Richardson provides the art world with a younger, prettier, and infinitely softer Cindy Sherman.
January in New York City seems to make it easier to welcome anything that hails from sunny Los Angeles. And this show is Sunny.
Dopey, pretty girls in big wigs, and theatrical lighting in nostalgic colors stare into space, lips parted.
Nonetheless, It is a little embarrassing when the art world falls behind the fashion world. This show could easily be something from the pages of W magazine, only from three seasons ago. Boot cut jeans, anyone?

Interestingly, this vapid show is paired with Garry Winogrand's "Women Are Beautiful" images in the smaller space. Here we see women marching in political solidarity. We see urban women going bra-less! Nipples showing! From back when It was OK to have real boobs with nipples? There is something radical here, in the pairing of these shows, that shines a beacon on the Winogrands as historical documents. Does history actually ever recede? Will the promise of the future ever arrive? Are we moving forwards or backwards?

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