Friday, February 19, 2010

Moon Man

This week Discover magazine photo researcher Randi requested images of a lunar deed from the Lunar Embassy and the Galactic Government for an upcoming story. She received a zip file containing several photos of a man naked from the waist down sitting in an office chair, lit by florescent light. To say that the photos were unflattering is putting it kindly. These images were rapidly followed by several embarrassed and apologetic emails.
The Lunar Embassy and the Galactic Government explained that the images had been sent by an assistant accidentally. The man in the photos, we were told, was the boyfriend of the assistant. Further, the hapless assistant had been fired, and Randi would be getting a piece of the moon, gratis. The Lunar Deed arrived the next day, granting Discover Magazine Area J-6/ Quadrant Gulf, near the Campanus crater.
We drew our own conclusions about what had happened- the assistant didn't exist, and the photos were of the head of the Lunar Embassy and the Galactic Government, who had sent them by mistake.
We also learned some important lessons.

There must be an easier way to own a piece of the moon.

Pants are good. Pants are great. In fact, clothes in general are just super.

For some people it might better to wear two pairs of pants or more at all times.

We'll never look at office chairs the same way again. Or the moon.


  1. Aha, now you realize why my awesome pick up line of "I see your wearing pants, I like pants as you can tell by the fact I'm also wearing pants, lets get together" is so effective!


  2. that's because you've got Fancy Pants

  3. That is so awesome. The only thing that would make it more awesome....well....of course you must post these photographs asap.

    Thank you.


  4. somebody thinks they own the moon? How strange. I'm with you on your version of events though! ha!