Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I made this photo a long time ago, back when I had my very own one bedroom apartment in Williamsburg. I made a lot of art work in that apartment, and most of it at the tiny kitchen's big table. There was no closet and I kept all my clothes in a pile. It seemed like someone was always abandoning a puppy or kitten on my doorstep. Or smoking weed while arguing loudly outside my window. There was a dedicated peeping tom across the way, and a chinese laundry where they kept trying to give me other people's freshly laundered clothes instead of my own. On Sundays the storefront church conducted services outside, screaming into bullhorns "Glory Dios!" for hours at a time.
At any rate, it was heaven. It was my very own, and I didn't have to share it with anyone. I loved it.

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