Tuesday, February 1, 2011

German Herrera

Today I had a few moments to breathe at work and started in on clearing my desk and building up my bookmarks of photographers. I came across the above image of German Herrera's that I hadn't seen before. I love German's work-- it is maddeningly subtle and suggestive. It kind of makes me crazy that I only half-know what I'm looking at, I'm often left with scraps of my own fancies to complete my understanding. I met German at the Center for Photography at Woodstock some years ago, and had a chance to see his work in person in his solo show there. The prints are lovely and smallish, and I found myself peering into them like portholes...

Several limited edition, hand made artist books of Herrera's work are available for purchase, and a monograph is currently in preparation and will be published by the Antonio Saura Foundation in 2011.

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