Friday, June 24, 2011

Lydia Panas, Santa Fe Review Find

Lydia's giant prints made a lasting impression on me at Review Santa Fe, and I'll be blogging for the WSJ about the upcoming US publication of her new book. What I liked the most about the work was her canny way of getting at the tension and connections between people. This is a hard thing to do in still pictures, and devilishly subjective. Lydia Panas on the above photo:

"There is something lyrical, a bit like a dance, and also a kind of strength, about this image for me. They had come to my house for dinner one night and we did the shoot. I watched them arrange themselves, like I always do, and then added a little direction. I noticed that the mother had a very strong influence, so when I saw her arranging her husband's hair slightly, I asked her to keep her hand there. The photo presents them in two groupings, the girls boldly in front, fierce and independent, supported by a strong parental bond.  The mother lends a directing hand behind the scenes."


  1. Yep, Lydia's work is really good and I have dropped her a note to say you have written about her here which I know will make her really happy :-)

  2. Hey, thanks. I'm looking forward to seeing the book when it comes.