Sunday, January 8, 2012

Levitating Over Bed

Turns out levitating is hard, even when you are only faking it. After some experimentation with the 12X12 " backdrop, I think I've figured out a better way to do this. Will have to wait until next weekend.

On Saturday I saw Judy Chicago's Dinner Party at the Brooklyn museum--amazing to finally see this iconic work in person. It was somewhat hilarious to be perusing these depictions of vaginas on plates while on a date with a guy--but no matter.


  1. levitation over a bed and Judy Chicago's dinner party in one post--that's a curious theme.

    I like the image but have no idea how you do that (photographically or psychically.)

  2. Hi Joseph,
    In this case it involves making two exposures on one sheet of film. The first one I shot on a black background, and overexposed. The second shot I moved the camera, removed backdrop and underexposed to try and bring out the figure..