Friday, January 27, 2012

Report from behind the scenes..

Photo-editing has been interesting lately--a few weeks I had a shoot of bathing suit designer Malia Mills with four of her models, shot by Francois Dischinger. Which reminded me of why working in fashion can be so err..umm..time-consuming. Making small changes was like attempting to reverse the earth's orbit, and almost as complicated. I had to keep reminding everyone that we were making a portrait, not a fashion shoot.

On Monday I was at the Metropolitan for a shoot of third generation master florist, who was being shot by John Huba. The florist was a tall, handsome and articulate guy who is more comfortable on a ladder than anyone else I've ever seen. From the top rungs of the ladder he arranged the flowers in the alcoves in the Met's Great Hall. I had the pleasure of interviewing him on video after the shoot, and I re-discovered how much better an interview can be in person, rather than over the phone or via email. Incredible how busy it is at the Met even when they are closed to the public..This was one of those days where I again felt very lucky to have such and interesting job.

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