Sunday, February 12, 2012

Another Beauty from Caleb Charland and Friend

This image is from "Artifacts & Particles," an exhibition that is the result of a collaboration by Caleb Charland + Peter Gruner Schellenberger. I don't know how this was made, but apparently Schellengerger likes to expose his images using uranium (how does one get the stuff?). From what I can gather, Charland and Schellenberger started images individually and then traded them with the other to finish them..

Reviewed at the Powerhouse portfolio review today. It was a relatively short day as these things go, and I saw a few things I liked. Post about my favorite work from today to come. I also saw some stuff that was all gimmick and cliche...Which wouldn't be so bad by itself. What makes it aggravating is that some of these folks are making money selling the cliches--and they DO NOT want to hear that they can do better. They want you to know how successful they are already, doing exactly what they are doing, and they only want to hear praise or see if you can make a connection for them.

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