Saturday, February 4, 2012

In the Gloaming

I've outsourced the cleaning of my house, after picking up some extra freelance work. Between the cleaning lady, and ordering groceries online I've been able to reclaim some time for my studio. However, so far the results have been mixed. Last weekend I was shooting something involving a mirror. Things were already not going well when suddenly the mirror exploded into shards under the pressure of the plastic clamp after an hour of shooting.. I gave up and went on a date.

Today I spent pretty much the entire day except for my morning run and eating lunch trying to make a good picture. It just didn't happen.. As the light was fading, I managed something more interesting. A test from that set above. (This post has been updated with an image from the contact sheet)

In other news, my first video interview for The Wall Street Journal is online. Taking the interview on set during our photo shoot was tremendous fun, relinquishing final creative control to the WSJ video team was not.

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