Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I started thinking about rice after being very impressed by a recent piece by my artist friend Cadence Giersbach that was modeled loosely on a nesting doll. My mother had a Russian nesting doll that could be opened and opened all the way to the very last one that was so tiny you could barely open it with your fingers, and inside that last doll was a grain of rice.
Also I remember seeing rice featured in a talismanic way in elaborate Chinese embroideries, at the center of lots of heavy detailed borders there was a simple group of rice grains.
The photo started out as a triple exposure, with the cup, a thimble and then a grain of rice under that- shot in layers. But after toiling over this I realized something simpler might also work- I will be seeing the film in a few days. This is a scan of a polaroid test I made during the shoot on Sunday.

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