Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Photo Alliance Portfolio Review favorites

Adam Magyar. Adam Magyar. I highly recommend going to his website to see the images at closer to scale.
The images here are details of a much longer images, and you can't come close to getting a sense for them unless you see the full image. This series is called Urban Flow, and the images are made with a customized slit scan camera that shoots in one pixel slits for about three minutes. His camera is stationary, the objects and people are not.
When Adam sat down at my table at the Photo Alliance portfolio review with his unassuming looks and dreadlocks I fully expected to see a story on farmers in Peru or perhaps some elegant desert landscapes. But no. Adam Magyar has knitted an image that invites us to view the space time continuum as we've never seen it before. In these images we see how the fabric of the world might become strings vibrating in different modes, and every mode appears as a different particle: electron, photon, and gluon.

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