Thursday, March 5, 2009

Shoot in San Francisco

I went to San Francisco for two nights to produce a photo shoot for Discover, this time at a Climate Change roundtable that was held at the Exploratorium. The shoot by photographer Timothy Archibald went well and the crew was a lot of fun. We had great props, procured by our ace prop stylist Shannon Amos, that included large hunks of real ice, giant fake rocks, powerful fans, and a antique diving helmet.
The ice proved tricky to shoot, even trickier than I thought, and was dangerous to handle and move. Melting everywhere, it slid glacially down the table, from one angle disappearing, and from other angles coming alive with too much detail and reflectivity.
I went running each morning and was really amazed at just how beautiful it was in San Francisco, even in the rain. Maybe because of the rain. I found myself wondering if I wouldn't move back there someday after all. I talked to a group of polar bear swimmers who were taking a leisurely walk down the pier in the gathering storm in their Speedos. They invited me for a swim, and I think next time I'm there I might do it.

This photo by Shannon Amos shows the smaller of the two hunks of ice.

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