Thursday, March 26, 2009

Torrie Groening

Torrie Groening was another one of the more interesting artists I had the chance to meet at Photo Alliance in San Francisco. Her giant prints were a lot bigger than she was, and had to be carried in a huge tube. The unfurling of these prints was a two person job. The first image here is a like a "Where's Waldo" of art photography, set up like a puppet show, it is chock full of treasures and clues. I liked the creepy pair of glass eyes that rest on a goblet in the background here. Groening wants us to know a bit out her process, but not as much about her intent. She kept telling me the work was about print-making, or that she used to be a print-maker. I couldn't have cared less about the printmaking, and found the insistence on including so many of her prints within the larger image a kind of strain. To me, the work was about the creative process, vision and perspective, still life traditions, sensuality, and desire. To see more examples, go here:
The second image "Study for Museum of the Senses" reveals a bit about her process. The last image is one of my favorites of Groenings. There is something very sexy and victorian about it.

Titles from top to bottom:
Museum of the Senses for an Artist (touch) 2008 43x56.5"
Study for Museum of the Senses 2007 18x24"
The Good Friend Move 2008 54.25X35"

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