Sunday, August 23, 2009

Soul Searching

After almost a year of keeping this blog and looking at other blogs, my ideas have crystallized somewhat. Rebecca Horne Photography is mostly about the creative process. This includes sources of inspiration, where ever I can find them. It includes the thinking, looking and repetition that goes into making successful images. So far I've avoided the sometimes overwhelming impulse to post about photographers I've hired in my role as Photo Editor who have been spectacular disappointments. Or to write about work or trends that I am exclusively critical of. By now some kind of Internet halo should have formed around my blog, to encourage my good intentions.

The photo/artist blogs that I find most interesting are ones that share my interests in the art-making itself, and those that are engaged with the world of ideas. My latest favorite is Critical Terrain, by Alan Rapp. Don't let the weighty sounding name scare you off. His sharp looks at wide ranging topics so far include Norse Black Metal, surveillance and other zones where the meaning of photography is contested, like the recent Edgar Martins dust-up. Alan also happens to be the new Associate Director of Hey, Hot Shot!

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