Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jackson Patterson

I met Jackson at the Photo Alliance portfolio review in San Francisco, where he showed a solid body of work about horse racing in the Bay Area. His recent work really caught my eye- as a photo editor I am always on the lookout for images that can connote hard to visualize concepts like being in two places at once, notions of time passing, and the layering of time. I responded to the narrative about place, home and family. Also perhaps from a feeling of homesickness I've been having for the big spaces of the west. Jackson made the above image, and the others in the series, on a trip tracing his family's migration.
Here are Jackson's words about the above image:
"Pictured are two modern day photographs. The inset photo is of a barn in Buffalo, Montana and the Fork Road image is on a ranch in the Little Belt Mountains, Montana where the barn was built (circa 1920's) and eventually moved from. The barn was caretaken by my grandmothers family. When the owners of the ranch bought another ranch in the next town over, they moved the red barn. This image to me speaks about the transference of place and time and the journey of migration".

To see more of Jackson Patterson's work. Or stop by the Togonon Gallery in San Francisco to see his work in the exhibit "Liberating Landscape" through August 27th.

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