Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ben Nixon

While reviewing portfolios in San Francisco, I'm always overwhelmed by how much black and white landscape photography I see. I'll admit that I'm biased against it- the genre does not lend its self to originality. However there are some who manage to make exceptions, and others who totally transcend it.
Witness Ben Nixon. As other young photographers race to outdo each other with the latest digital gadgetry and multimedia presentations, Ben is calmly heading in the opposite direction. He uses the wet plate collodion process, and acknowledges that he invites the resulting improvisations from the slow and delicate process.

Ben's caption for this photo:
"Mono Craters from Panum, 2009: This photograph was taken from the eastern side of Panum Crater looking south at the Mono Craters.  Panum Crater is one of the youngest volcanic cones in the region at only 500 years old.  Although both volcanoes are dormant, the resulting image reminds me that the undercurrents of this land are never really asleep."

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