Saturday, August 27, 2011

Before Irene

Went for a run this morning with Carolyn who was visiting for a few days. The streets are eerily empty and quiet, few people, few cars. No trains or busses really seem to be running. The air is freakishly still. I now understand the phrase "calm before the storm" in a more literal way.

Carolyn just left for Maine, and I'm now getting ready to weather the hurricane at home. My house is in the white zone--well outside of flooding or evacuation zones. My brother went out to the end of Long Island and asked me to come, but I don't want to be on the roads. I think I'd better stay in case something happens to my house that needs attention. We cancelled Oliver's flight home from Oregon for today and rescheduled for after the storm. Which means I'll have more time this weekend, and during the storm, to catch up on stuff. Looking forward to that. Hopefully I'll get something done in the studio.

This is my first hurricane, but not my first tropical storm. I'm a little nervous, but I'll be disappointed if there isn't some drama in the weather when this is all done. At a loss for what photo to post for today so here's another Montauk vacation photo, when I was so relaxed and happy..


  1. batten the hatches!

    When I worked in Montauk, surfers used to flock to our private beach during the big storms--big waves and few people. I love a big storm on the beach but this may be one to avoid. You're smart to stay home.

  2. My brother tried surfing today but the police are keeping people away already.. The anticipation is building, folks are getting anxious. No one really knows what to expect..
    I'm grateful my son is safe in Oregon with his grandpa.