Sunday, August 28, 2011

Into the Storm

Had a great hurricane weekend here in Brooklyn, despite the disappointment of not seeing even a stick of furniture blowing by. Went running both days, caught up with friends and worked in my studio. I had most of the day to work today, and pushed hard on some new stuff. This work I'm making right now is pretty hard work emotionally. It feels still very autobiographical and raw. I burned some things and it felt dark and vaguely like voodoo. I just hope this means the work will be cathartic, and going forward it won't be as intense.


  1. this is mysterious. Fleeing? Going to? Just walking about? Very mysterious. And the relationship between the characters is so interesting although completely unknowable.

  2. I am pleased to see that everything has finally gone well for you after the gale...
    Philippe (France)

  3. Thanks Guys. The image is a mother- daughter pair.

    We were fine in my neighborhood, with only a few trees down. I know folks in other areas had lots of flooding and etc..