Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Liminal Life

I'm in sunny Los Angeles this week, after driving down here from a great weekend in Santa Barbara. Last night I forced myself to sit down and count the years I've been in NYC. I've been living on the East Coast for between 16-17 years! I can't believe it.

The landscape here in Southern California is both familiar and strange to me. I can see that I have become an in-between person. While never able to give up on my California identity, or even my California driver's license, I've become used to lush summers, rainstorms and lightning, brick buildings, snow, cramped cities..the subway. And even more that is much harder to get used to.

And still I've always thought of myself as a Californian. But here I am, and I feel like a rabbit in an open field under the burning sun. So much space, provisional architecture, suburban lawns, freeways that go on forever....


  1. Maybe that's why your work so often deals with identity and time (loss and passing) tinged with a sense of mystery and displacement.

  2. This is really speaking to me! And I love the "lifting" of your blog!

  3. Thanks Joseph and Esther! Maybe this feeling is a part of the work..