Thursday, June 24, 2010

Magnum shooters

I had a great time yesterday meeting with two Magnum photographers in succession, as they were in town for the annual meeting, this time located in NYC. First came Peter Marlow and then Stuart Franklin. I'm impressed by both of these super charming guys. Neither of them brought portfolios to the meeting- why would they? Stuart left some beautiful published books, including "Hotel Afrique" published by Dewi Lewis. They were both such a pleasure to talk to- engaged with the world and totally bluster-free.

Peter Marlow recently shot some lovely photos for Discover in London. I was so happy- he took the job seriously, did research, he helped me with getting the location set, and made such beautiful portraits and scene-setters, and with several options for me to pick from. And he did it inexpensively. All this from a guy who could be resting on his laurels. Two images above from the shoot about scientist John Coates whose research deals with men and women, hormones and traders.

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  1. It is such a pleasure to meet a photo editor who cares, keep up the good work Rebecca, next time I will bring some work!

    Many years ago I thought one day I would make a book on English Cathedrals, amongst all the other work I do this has now become an ongoing project that I am making time for. Shot on 4x5 I have done 21 of the 42, so halfway through. It is rather conceptual in that they are all shot from a common vantage point very early in the morning looking West to East, along the axis of the Nave. Next time I am in New York I will bring them along...