Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More from Santa Fe: Lane Collins

Nearing the end of my reviews at Santa Fe, Lane Collins sat down and surprised me with a lovely body of work titled "Alchemy", shot on the beach in New Zealand while she was living there. About this work Lane writes " When you gaze out at the ocean in New Zealand, it feels as though you are staring at infinity. The isolated geography of New Zealand is tangible even in the light and the position of the sun; it's shores feel like a doorway to the edge of the world. The photographs in Alchemy were created in this threshold, a boundless looking glass into the mind's eye."
Some of my favorites are above. I recently assigned a story on modern alchemy, and had recently seen hundreds of historical alchemical prints and drawings, we had plenty to talk about. I found myself wishing I had known about her work earlier.

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  1. Ya her work was amazing.I love the juxtaposition of the props she uses.