Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rinko Kawauchi

Photo by Rinko Kawauchi

A link to Rinko Kawauchi's work was sent to me by a photographer friend Andres Gonzalez. The above is one of my favorites.
Andres made an insightful comment about my own work back in December, pointing out that I was interested in problem solving in my art work. Of course I've thought about this before, but it was good to have it pointed out. Took exactly one picture today. Tomorrow I plan to get up early and shoot more before Ollie comes home. I'm working on a few things I'm excited about, so that is a good feeling.

I've really been missing the writing and thinking that was going into my old blog, Visual Science...I discovered yesterday that NASA's Chandra blog linked to my post about artist Kevin Sudeith, and re-posted the photo. That made me a happy blogger!

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