Sunday, January 23, 2011

Walking Shoe

I've been shooting a lot, but not able to scan any of it to post. The above was made with a digital camera I rented for the weekend. I'm just posting it to show that I've been working--it is only a sketch. This shoot came out of last weekend's photo of a black slip and it's twin as an ink drawing. Really interested in these inky blacks right now, and stark contrasts. Tomorrow I'm going to buy some more seamless for two new shots I'm hoping to finalize. Giving my rope pictures a rest--still not sure what needs to happen with those, so I'm giving that some time.

Working at the Wall Street Journal has been at lot to get used to at once. I've never worked at a newspaper before, and even though I work only on the weekend edition, there is a lot going on, and all of happening really fast. It is hard to get used to seeing the photos in newsprint. There is something simultaneously disappointing and exhilarating about seeing your efforts reproduced in such a disposable medium. It is also exciting to be working at a publication with a print run of two million.

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